Pre-Switch increases EV range 5-12% while solving dV/dt challenges
CleanWave200: initial power up and first AI learning.
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We have removed the biggest barrier to advancing the power conversion industry by delivering simple, reliable and cost effective soft-switching across all load ranges, operating voltages, and switch families. Pre-Switch offers an embedded AI that adapts in-system by predicting switch behavior with incomplete device information, such as temperature and tolerances. Pre-Switch guarantees accurate soft-switching and reduced EMI, at higher switching frequencies than ever before.
- Bruce T. Renouard, CEO
 Pre-Switch, Inc. is a Silicon Valley power architecture company that develops embedded AI technology to solve complex timing problems associated with forced resonance soft-switching in power conversion. The company was founded by industry experts in power semiconductors, power systems, robotics, and artificial intelligence. Pre-Flex technology is patent pending globally. 
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