Pre-Switch is a Silicon Valley based technology company at the forefront of applying embedded AI to solve efficiency and other fundamental challenges associated with hard-switching transistors during power conversion.  The company’s technology eliminates transistor switching losses and makes an order of magnitude faster switching frequencies a reality.

The results are power converters with the highest efficiency using less transistors with reduced size and lower costs at the system level.  Pre-Switch is initially developing technology for EV drivetrain inverters market -though its products are applicable to a wide range of other applications.   

Meet The Team

Bruce T. Renouard
Bruce Renouard
Pre-Switch announces Andre Willis as VP Engineering
Andre Willis
Chief Technology
Derek Kroes
Vice President of
Nick Antonopoulos
Vice President of Business Development

Board of Directors

Steve Domenik
Steve L. Domenik
Bruce T. Renouard
Bruce Renouard
Richard Sanquini
Richard L Sanquini

Advisory Board

Bodo Arlt
Jim Chapman
Alberto Guerra
Derek Kroes
Nick Foot
Paul Greenland
Nigel Springett

Get In Touch

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2151 O’Toole Avenue,
Suite 30,
San Jose,
California 95131

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