Pre-Flex™ an AI technology platform
Engagement Model
Our technology is ready for production and offers profound benefits across a wide variety of applications. We use a highly customized approach to customer support and ensure that key trade knowledge required for successful implementations is transferred to customers. Customers can design subsequent products independently once the design know-how and development tools are in place. Our goal is to support design teams that are willing to embrace this technology to claim the new leadership positions in their industries.
To begin a development engagement with Pre-Switch, please contact us and describe the opportunity. After we formalize an NDA, we recommend a visit our lab to see the technology running for yourself. In the next phase customers test Pre-Switch technology in their own environment. In the final phase we execute a license and production agreement, conduct the corresponding NRE transaction, and begin developing your product with Pre-Switch technology with you.
CleanWave200™ Evaluation System
3-phase Inverter

The CleanWave200 is a high efficiency, 3-phase power-block evaluation inverter, achieving efficiencies exceeding 99.3% at 100kHz using three low cost 35 mΩ SiC FET transistors per switch location. Pre-Switch's switching technology dynamically adjusts on a cycle-by-cycle basis to ensure perfect soft-switching across a wide input voltage and load range.  The CleanWave200 switches from 50kHz to 100kHz, 10X the typical switching frequencies used in today’s inverters, and still achieves industry-leading high efficiency.


Engineers can use the CleanWave200 to evaluate the benefits of the Pre-Switch AI algorithm, test their motor systems increased efficiency or their inverters’ reduced output filter size and costs by using a 100kHz Fsw, as well as learn how to use the Pre-Switch PWM input and safety features (Pre-Switch Blink). Pre-Switch’s unique real-time AI controller enables the system benefits including:

  • 99.3%+ efficiency at 100kHz, 99.5% efficiency at 50kHz

  • Low cost SiC 35m Ω FETs

  • 10X higher switching frequencies with virtually no switching losses

  • Lower dV/dt for increased motor reliability

  • DC bus voltages from 500V to 900V

  • 200kW peak power output with space vector modulation

  • Advanced fault protection with Pre-Switch ‘Blink’

Full Pre-Switch architecture half-bridge, with ZVS controller and Pre-Switch Blink™
Pre-Core™ IGBT
Half Bridge Controller Board

Full Pre-Switch architecture and functionality to ZVS controller half-bridge. Includes full Pre-Switch Blink™ support and serial communications. No limit on current and up to 4kV of isolation.  Does not include gate driver circuit, forced resonant power board or mid-rail circuitry.

  • Soft Switching 1200V IGBT EconoDual

  • 150A working current at FSW 1-5Khz

  • Full ZVS soft switching

  • Full Blink advanced safety

  • Hourly support available

Pre-Flex IC with embedded AI to ensure minimum switching losses
Pre-Flex™ Family ICs
Architecture Control IC

The Pre-Flex™ Family of ICs are organized by switch type and desired phase output. Pre-Flex ICs use embedded AI that learns in-system and optimizes an external forced-resonant circuit to ensure minimum switching loss. Depending on the chip used, Pre-Flex is designed to work with either a half-bridge, full-bridge or three-phase configuration power converters. Each IC includes a built-in serial communications port to communicate fault conditions and Pre-Switch Blink™ data, which ensure maximum safety features on a cycle-by-cycle basis. The Pre-Flex IGBT family is frequency-limited to 100 kHz and typically eliminates 70-85% of system switching losses. The Pre-Flex SiC/GaN family is frequency-limited to 1Mhz and typically eliminates 90-95% of switching losses and has a lossless dV/dt filter built into the architecture.

Pre-Flex™ Family ICs:

  • Pre-Flex 1-phase for IGBT 

  • Pre-Flex 3-phase for IGBT

  • Pre-Flex 1-phase for SiC/GaN

  • Pre-Flex 3-phase for SiC/GaN