Why We Started Pre-Switch

Pre-Switch technology represents the quintessential elegance of human innovation. The industry-wide problem of hard-switching transistor losses—and their very real negative impact on virtually every aspect of the modern electrical world—had been overlooked by all but a few innovators. The steadfast belief that hard-switching losses were insurmountable locked engineers into the status quo and turned away investors that couldn’t understand the complex world of high power. The result is the electrical power world we live in today, built within the limitations of transistor hard-switching.

Pre-Switch was born while trying to eliminate distortion-causing losses in Class-D audio amplifiers. It was then presented to industry leaders in the power semiconductor market who couldn’t classify it within their existing product portfolios. But the concept of a world without switching losses—and the impact it would have on reducing wasted energy, lowering the cost of power converters, improving EV ranges and even reducing the burden on landfills—was too large to ignore. The team then re-grouped, secured aligned investors and brought in further team mates with a technical understanding of the magnitude of the change made possible by our technology.

We are pursuing our vision of a better world. We are a team of power professionals, semiconductor leaders, visionary developers and astute investors focused on nothing short of eliminating hard switching transistor losses in high power applications. Our technology works as stated and is low cost to implement. We are delivering a step function in improved efficiency, or cost reduction, never achieved in the past.

As a team, we believe in transparency and that trust is earned step by step, over time. We envision a world in which everything using fossil fuel today will be electrically driven and controlled. A world in which power converters are a fraction of today’s cost, size and weight. A world in which motor drives, enhanced with our technology, save massive amounts of power wasted today in industrial applications. We see our technology shrinking electric motors and driving the efficiency required for further electrical innovation in transportation. We also see energy-independent solar powered homes, free of utility bills and unsightly power lines, as imminent. In short, we are changing the world for the better.

We are Pre-Switch. We take the hard out of switching.

Build your next design using Pre-Switch and join us in changing the world.