Embedded Computing Design: Pre-Switch Demo in the Lab

Alix Paultre of Embedded Computing Design visits Pre-Switch and gets the live demo of forced-resonant soft-switching.

This unrehearsed video shows Pre-Switch’s James Hamond (CTO) and Derek Kroes (VP Engineering) demonstrating a 10KW full bridge solar inverter running Pre-Switch’s AI forced-resonant soft-switching technology (Pre-Flex). Pre-Flex uses a learning AI to predict and generate a forced-resonance voltage waveform, timed accurately to enable zero voltage switching. The demonstration shows discrete IGBTs running at 50Khz at 98.5% efficiency, inverting 320Vdc to 240Vac. Able to work for both IGBT’s and wide-bandgap devices, Pre-Flex enables switching losses to be reduced from 80% (IGBT), and 95% (wide-bandgap) enabling up to a 5X to 20X faster Fsw when compared to hard-switched legacy solutions.

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